Kill Memory Crash American Automatic

In keeping with their industrial influences, Kill Memory Crash (aka A. SanFacon and A. Sieczka) incorporate harsh mechanical percussion and detached vocals amongst their catchy rhythms. Surprisingly, they manage to do so without being too gimmicky. Currently Chicago-based, these former Detroit ravers offer a sound that captures the genuine spirit behind old school industrial music, yet maintains a level of modern accessibility. "Utiu,” for example, presents a seductive side to their industrial beats, while "Never Forget” features trance elements that make it a perfect club track. Be it the gleefully razor sharp quality of "Battery” or the sultry bass lines of "Push,” there is an addictive quality on every track that will leave you wanting more. American Automatic gives hope that industrial music will once again fester amid the current blight of corporate music spewing from today’s media orifices. This duo claims to be "ushering in a new era of industrial music.” Give their sound a chance and you will see that they mean it. (Ghostly International)