Kill Hannah For Never and Ever

If you can’t decide to put on industrial, some P. Furs-type ’80s pop, or something more current like Placebo, give this one a try. It isn’t exactly any of the three, but with bits and pieces of each it makes for a good listen. At the heart of it all are 11 catchy pop songs, but what calls my ears to attention is the pop infectiousness with an injection of electronica and a grittier edge in a kind of a Smashing Pumpkins-meets-Curve way. Strangely and sexily appealing are Mat Devine’s only slightly-more-on-the-boy-side of androgynous vocals (in particularly fine form in "New Heart for Christmas”). Sean Beavan (of NIN, Marilyn Manson and No Doubt) offers his production expertise and brings much of his industrial background with him. Adda boy Sean, for firing things up a little. The more I listen to this disc the more I want to. (Atlantic)