Kiki Kaiku

Berlin's BPitch Control released Kiki's second full-length album, Kaiku. This moving record uses its name (the Finnish word for echo) in explanation of how each time the artist had a dilemma with production he would take a break to find the solution, which would come to him within a couple days. It was like the answers for the record were provided for him and echoed back in response to his requests. Kaiku is all things connective and entrancing; it is jackin', floaty, gentle, innovative and percussive. "Autumn Leaves" runs with a terrible chainsaw-esque audio character simultaneously evoking the sound of a rattlesnake. "After The Storm" is sweet surf music reciprocal of tunes from a proper beach jam. "Good Voodoo," a hypnotizing, minimal track, layers a smattering of beats like rainfall run over an unexpected and unique choice of melodies that move into one another. Magnificence can be felt within the beautiful vocals on "Good Voodoo," in their description and synthesis. (BPitch Control)