Kid Loco Kill Your Darlings

Another fine musical journey from Jean-Yves Prieur, the French producer/DJ/remixer known best for his outstanding compilation Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches, not to mention his use of erotic and controversial album art photos. Formerly a punk rocker and Bondage label owner known as Kid Bravo, he became "Loco" when he realised the possibilities of mixing guitar-based music with hip-hop, electronics, soul, blues and just about anything else he could get his hands on. His mixing work has seen him fiddle with artists like Saint Etienne, Talvin Singh, Mogwai, Jim O'Rourke and Pulp, with the end result being sultry, sexy and downright trippy sounds. Having returned to releasing his own music, he is joined on Kill Your Darlings by Tim Keegan, from the Departure Lounge (formerly Homer Lounge). Keegan sings on most of this album and contributes guitar work, with Prieur left to pull all the atmospherics and other collaborators together. Describing himself as "handsome but stoned," track names like "Three Feet High Reefer," "Here Come The Munchies" and references to Camberwell Carrots leave little to the imagination as to Mr. Loco's suggested narcotic accompaniment here. Herbal inspirations aside, this album is funky, soulful and great fun to listen to. The sound is much less electronic than his previous work - most likely as a result of collaborating with Keegan. Tempos range from slow acoustic ballads right up to more beat-friendly tracks. Although nothing here is well suited for the dance floor, the diversity of sounds and moods throughout Kill Your Darlings are a treat to soak in. (Eastwest)