​Kid Koala Announces New Album 'Music to Draw To: Io'

It features vocals by Trixie Whitley
​Kid Koala Announces New Album 'Music to Draw To: Io'
Kid Koala delivered Music to Draw To: Satellite back in 2017, and now the artist born Eric San has announced plans to follow it up with Music to Draw To: Io. The new album is due out January 25 via Arts & Crafts.
The 70-minute-long piece of work features 18 songs, six of which hear singer Trixie Whitley providing vocals.
"We spoke briefly about the narrative of the album before recording," San said in a statement. "She was able to make each of the song's characters her own, giving them a voice to a level that surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. Her singing can be sweet and nurturing, bold and powerful, or chilling and sinister, but it's always Trixie Whitley. The emotional range she achieves on these tracks is just awe inspiring to me."
The album takes its name from Greek mythology, tapping into the story of Io, an unwilling lover to Zeus.
It was composed entirely on synthesizers, including some from the National Music Centre's rare instrument collection in Calgary.
"In the making of Io, I discovered the depth of Kid Koala as a thinker, creator, and artist — a term I shy away from — with the incredible ability to invent artistic dimensions filled with uncanny characters," Whitley said. "He has a director's mind with the vision of an architect, who has created a beautiful sonic space for these wonderful and vulnerable emotions to thrive."
The first track to be shared from the upcoming collaborative project is "All for You." Scroll past the album's full tracklisting to listen to it below.
The previous record, Music to Draw To: Satellite, featured a similar collaboration, enlisting Emilíana Torrini for vocals.
Pre-orders for Music to Draw To: Io are available here — and they include sketchbooks so you can do exactly what the album title suggests.
Music to Draw To: Io:
1. Circle of Clouds
2. All For You (ft. Trixie Whitley)
3. Torus
4. Transmission 4
5. Lost at Sea (ft. Trixie Whitley)
6. Shielded
7. Liminality
8. Transmission 5
9. Hera's Song (ft. Trixie Whitley)
10. Transmission 6
11. Allotropic
12. Diamond Heart (ft. Trixie Whitley)
13. Resonance
14. Escape of Io (ft. Trixie Whitley)
15. Emuii
16. Aphelion
17. Look-Back Time (ft. Trixie Whitley)
18. The Moons of Galileo