Keys N Krates and Bibi Bourelly "Take It Off" on New Single

Keys N Krates and Bibi Bourelly 'Take It Off' on New Single
Keys N Krates have teamed with Bibi Bourelly for their first new release of 2021. Hear the Toronto outfit and German vocalist join forces on "Take It Off" below.

In a statement, Keys N Krates said of their house-leaning latest, "The song at a first listen just sounds like the most fun party shit, but [Bibi's] actually talking about dating men who are emotionally unavailable and trying to get them to open up."

They added: "We've known Bibi for years and try to do sessions with her every time we touch in L.A. She has a whole style that's her own with an unmatched energy and quirkiness that we've always loved.

"Last year we were with her in the studio and really wanted to try making a dance record with her. We played her this Chicago house piano line with a killer bassline [keyboardist David Matisse] had just laid down and she just went in and threw down this crazy vocal line with the most feel good catchy hook; all off the top of her head and all kinda based on a conversation we were having with her 5 mins before that."

Keys N Krates' most recent album remains 2019 instrumental effort A Beat Tape for Your Friends. A follow-up will arrive through Last Gang Records, following the group's global signing with the label today.