KEXP’s John in the Morning At Night New Year’s Weekend Bender Chop Suey, Seattle WA December 31, 2006

With the drunkards already roaming the streets early in Seattle by the time the doors finally parted, all of us who really know how to ring in the New Year eagerly clamoured into Chop Suey with excitement and cheer. Ready to let another year slide to the floor in defeat of the newest arrival, the revellers were in a joyous mood, anticipating a good night of midnight make-outs and some great music. First up were L.A.’s attitude-laden rock band, the Ettes, with a blend of garage rock and lipstick that acted like the perfect party mood setter. Part Detroit Cobras, part Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the trio with a female lead vocalist and drummer are the perfect blend for old school rockers and new school hipsters. Chicago’s Walter Meego changed it up entirely with their synthesised pop and pounding bass; although it was interesting at times it didn’t seem to work at all as the crowd didn’t seem as overly enthused by the repeating beats and blips for their 45-minute stage takeover. A few boys (and one girl) from Birmingham, AL collectively known as Wild Sweet Orange are already one of my great musical discoveries of 2007. They took the quiet moments in life and made them into thought-provoking indie pop with a glimmer of hillbilly energy. But finally after some sort of disruption with champagne and a countdown, Jeremy Enigk took to the stage like it was home. The former lead singer of Fire Theft and the legendary Sunny Day Real Estate is a sight to see play live. The energy, passion, and the way he changes his voice from a smooth and softer sound to a desperate plea carries you along as the master weaves his tales. After 90 minutes, he finally exited the stage; but he’s one of the few performers that can leave you truly wowed by their talent alone long after the crowds have dispersed.