Kevin Yost/Various Abstract Funk Theory

The latest in the Abstract Funk Theory is less a compilation of the chosen artists' favourite selections but an update on their recent material. Alongside music from Mr. Yost, the disc features tracks by collaborators/friends/aliases Peter Funk, Big Sexy and STP - all of whom were featured on his 2000 mix, Straight Outa the Boondocks. While fans will find the reappearance of tracks like "Things Unsaid," "An American in Paris" and "Another World" tedious, they'll still be intrigued with the majority of the comp, as it shows Yost making a departure from his jazzy, improv-house signature and going deeper into darker, hypno-tech terrain. "Busy People" and "Where Were We" are characteristic of the new sound, trading fancy finger work on the keys for mind-bending loops and pulsing beats. "Tease" is a little more sinister, with its ultra-warped bass lines spiralling through sonic black holes and drums tapping a mysterious, heartbeat-like rhythm. With the exception of the cold and monotone "Close to My Skin," the bulk of the disc is consistently funky and as always, Yost ends it off with a mellow offering. This time it's "Fusion Fetish," featuring what sounds like a live rhythm section going head to head with the freaky electronics - most likely a hint of what's yet to come. (Obsessive)