Kevin Yost Straight Outa The Boon Dox

When it comes to DJing, Kevin Yost can't help but sound like a musician that's too talented to play with his turntables. Most of the 13 tracks he's selected here come from his own unreleased recordings, and in typical Yost fashion, they're constantly exploding with creativity. Lots of electro-jazz improvisation, spacious production and warm chords. The tempo is pitched up a little more than usual, and in some cases, like on "Dream of You," it elevates the soundscape. But then sometimes the vibes rises a little too high and it makes the listener feel like the floor's been stolen from beneath their feet before they've even started to dance. This happens in the transitions from "A Smile Like Yours" to "Simply So," when Yost shifts from beautiful jazz piano and drums to a mid-section climax of rhythms phasing through a mania of crunchy distortions and hammered bass. It's a strange situation where the music is just too expressive, and the mix isn't subtle enough to bridge the moods. He does break it up though with the few tracks from friends, the best of which come from Richard Les Crees - the carnival sounds of "Paraiso" and ecstatic live guitars on "Time To Move On." (Distance)