Kevin Shiu/Various Recital

Heavily rhythmic and deeply dubby nocturnal tech house mixed by Kevin Shiu represents the Vancouver underground house scene. Shiu keeps his tracks intense with lots of atmospheric build-ups to heighten the impact. The selections are on point, opening with cuts by Sour Mash, with Tarantella creating and sustaining the heavily rhythmic tempo throughout the mix. All the tracks on this album are very good, but Delerium's "Innocente," with Leigh Nash, brings a sense of drama and excitement along with the adrenaline-inspiring "1-800-Ming," by Brothers Love Dubs. To close the set is "Reservation," by Brethren, and "Opera," by Cass and Slide, capping the mix on a deep, immersed tip. Recital captures what happens when one stumbles across a very happening underground party with DJs who know their shit. A kick ass release. (Nettwerk)