Kevin Saunderson/Various KS 02

KS 02’s opening track is a spacy electronic number by Saunderson himself that seems almost a set up for orchestral techno. Instead, it leads into the funk and dub of Range of Motions’ "What U Mean To Me” followed by a series of feel good funky house before finishing off in the thump and groove of club techno. The dance tunes start jazzy, complete with piano and marimba samples and eventually wade through some soul soaked house selections before making way for synth sounds and more driving BPMs. Saunderson showcases some quality tracks especially within the techno-heavy last half. Exuding a spontaneous feel, KS 02, broadcasts some serious dance energy; however, it is not the tightest mix in the world, and a few very obvious mixing mistakes can unsettle the more attuned listener. (Independent)