Keoki Jealousy

Keoki was one of the first DJs to break from anonymity and adopt a self-proclaimed "superstar" status. This rock star attitude catapulted him into the limelight and changed the face of electronic music. With his new album, Jealousy, Keoki brings this bloated, overproduced, rock star attitude and sound to techno. I really tried to find some merit in this release; after all, Keoki has had some of the best selling mixed releases ever on Moonshine, but I simply couldn't. Not to say that there aren't some good beats present - because there are - but every track features Keoki's lyrics, which are distracting, nonsensical and trite. The tracks get cluttered in an overload of vocals and samples and become annoying, which is a shame because there are some funky trance breaks under it all. If Moonshine had any sense, they would release an instrumental version. (Moonshine)