Kendrick Lamar / J. Cole "Black Friday"

Kendrick Lamar / J. Cole 'Black Friday'
Happy Black Friday! To celebrate the biggest shopping day of the year, rap kings Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole have released dual tracks, both titled "Black Friday."

For Kendrick's version of "Black Friday," he raps over Cole's cut "A Tale of 2 Citiez." Lamar addresses presidential politics over the clanking beat, while also bragging about his expert-level rhymes and declaring, "I like my raps extra-prolific."

As for Cole's cut, he returned the freestyle favour by rhyming over the harmony-laced beat from Lamar's "Alright." He goes hard and offers confrontational lyrics, reminding us that he brings in money and sells out arenas. The ending is rather cryptic, but it seems to suggest that he might have something coming out in February.

Hear both tracks below.