Kendrick Lamar Fans Are Pissed over "Signed" Albums

Kendrick Lamar Fans Are Pissed over 'Signed' Albums
A number of Kendrick Lamar fans who purchased limited-edition, signed physical copies of his recent untitled unmastered. release have been chastising the rapper online for what they believe to be a pretty "lazy" autograph.

As previously reported, the King of Compton had announced CD and vinyl editions of untitled unmastered. shortly after delivering the collection digitally in March. Both physical versions were to arrive "hand-signed and autographed" by K-Dot and quickly sold out.

As The Vinyl Factory reports, the demand was so high that Lamar opted to press up more copies, reportedly signing upwards of 4,000 albums.

But, when the CDs and LPs levitate, levitate, levitated out of Lamar's hands and onto the doorsteps of fans, buyers were left a little underwhelmed at the sight of the spitter's signature. As you can see in the posts below, Lamar's John Hancock is simply his squiggled initials, a point of contention for those looking to get an authentic piece of memorabilia. Some seemed pissed, while others mocked the situation.

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No doubt, the minimalist marking was a disappointment to those that coughed up the dough, but to be fair, cruising eBay for Kendrick Lamar autographs reveals that he's been using the same swipe of the pen all along. If you were looking to get your records marked with elaborately looped L's and heart-dotted I's, you should have done your homework first.