Keep Flying Go Acoustic on No Future

They played the songs "High Cholesterol" and "Safety Harbour"

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jul 26, 2018

After releasing two EPs and countless miles logged, Keep Flying collected both releases on vinyl via Smartpunk Records and did what one does when they release something new: they hit the road to promote it. They swung through Toronto while doing so, and we put them on a rooftop deck to play one song from each EP for Exclaim! TV's No Future.

As their name suggests the songs — "High Cholesterol" and "Safety Harbour" — soar, but don't let the inclusion of a saxophone and trombone fool you — ska this ain't. Instead, the band play energetic poppy punk. The sunny weather matches their demeanour (check out guitarist Charlie Bruno's infectious grin during "Safety Harbor") and hopeful lyrics, while its reflection off the shiny brass keeps things as visually interesting as they are sonically.

Dennis James Menzel Jr.'s raspy vocals keep things gritty and contrasts well with Henry Menzel's smoother singing. Perhaps the best thing about the session, though, is you can see how much fun the band has, with saxophonist John Ryan leading a rooftop dance off between songs and making goofy faces, while not blowing on his reed.

Check out the stripped-down session in the players below.

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