Keef Baker The Widnes Years

Keef Baker likes ì-ziq, Alec Empire, and Aphex Twin, and it shows. If you like any of those artists, you’ll probably enjoy Baker’s mix of crunchy beats, high speeds and sad melodies. The beats are sliced and diced without disappearing into subdivisions, and the original melodies are completely synthesised. There are some very exciting tracks, like "Bingo Hall Murders,” "Betty Swollocks,” and "Ernie Unwise”, which all take the classic formula of melody and beats and play them against one another. All the tracks have a finished, complete feel to them; a lot of effort has gone into their construction. The blasts of drums and static are all precisely placed, even when they seem to come out of nowhere. If you feel you can handle a full 75 minutes of these sonic assaults and minor-key melodies, go for it. (n5MD)