Kedr Livanskiy Your Need

Kedr Livanskiy Your Need
Reflecting an array of genres, Kedr Livanskiy has embraced all her new musical influences on her latest album, Your Need. The Moscow-based electronic artist shapes her sound by everything from soviet folk to '90s dance music. Recovering from her melancholic days, Livanskiy has re-evaluated her view of the world and looks to document the process of more joyous days through ethereal vocals and quivering synthesizers.
Punchy beats embellish every track, layered with graceful and feather-light vocals. "Sky Kisses" and "Kiska" are temperate songs with a dreamlike atmosphere. Although Livanskiy sings in Russian, the driving techno mixes make you forget about the lack of lyrical connection for non-Russian speakers. Her vocals are so powerful in texture that it's rich in resonance.
Livanskiy's 2017 release Ariadna, had a DIY feel and lo-fi sound compared to Your Need. Being more open to collaborations, and trusting the process of a co-producer, the quality of production is more on the synthetic side, but the record still has a sense of nostalgia that permeates her techno-pop melodies, because of the heavy synths.
Ending the album on a strong send-off, "Ivan Kupala (New Day)," is a pulsing track, but Livanskiy's gentle vocals make the experience feel fresh and hazy. She describes the closing song as joyful and bright: "It gives hope and faith that a new day will come and wash away the old." Your Need celebrates rebirth and growth, making it the perfect track to embody Livanskiy's message. (2MR)