Keane Reveal Greatest-Hits Package

Keane Reveal Greatest-Hits Package
Nearly 10 years after soft-rocking English outfit Keane delivered their smash debut Hopes and Fears, the group have announced they'll issue a greatest-hits set this fall.

The news was confirmed in an interview with Rolling Stone, who report that The Best of Keane arrives November 12. The standard collection will include songs culled from their four full-length LPs, as well as new tracks "Higher Than the Sun" and "Won't Be Broken." A deluxe edition will include a disc of B-sides and live tracks, while the "super-deluxe" edition adds a DVD of the band playing an acoustic set.

Of putting together a best-of, vocalist Tom Chaplin noted, "I'm very surprised and weirded out by the whole thing. But also I think there's a part of me that was always striving towards this, so it's been a kind of extraordinary life that's been handed to me."

The interview also had Chaplin waxing over Keane's catalogue, stating that their 2006 sophomore LP Under the Iron Sea was "the darkest record that we made, but probably the best-sounding one," while Perfect Symmetry's title track "was the best song Tim [Rice-Oxley, pianist] ever wrote and the best song we ever came up with as a band," despite its five-minute run time keeping it off the singles charts.

You can watch a trailer for the collection down below.

The Best of Keane:


1. Everybody's Changing

2. Somewhere Only We Know

3. Bend and Break

4. Bedshaped

5. This Is The Last Time

6. Atlantic

7. Is It Any Wonder?

8. Nothing In My Way

9. Hamburg Song

10. Crystal Ball

11. A Bad Dream

12. Try Again

13. Spiralling

14. Perfect Symmetry

15. My Shadow

16. Silenced By The Night

17. Disconnected

18. Sovereign Light Café

19. Higher Than The Sun

20. Won't Be Broken


1. Snowed Under

2. Walnut Tree

3. Fly To Me

4. To The End Of The Earth

5. The Way You Want It

6. Something In Me Was Dying

7. Allemande

8. Let It Slide

9. He Used To Be A Lovely Boy

10. Thin Air

11. The Iron Sea (Magic Shop Version)

12. Maybe I Can Change

13. Time To Go

14. Staring At The Ceiling

15. Myth

16. Difficult Child

17. Sea Fog (Live in Mexico City)

18. Russian Farmer's Song