K.C. Accidental Anthems For the Could've Bin Pills

Although this album starts out with the kind of extended soundscape experimentation made by people who think they're Eno, but proves that they're not, it picks up from there, unfolding into an interesting sonic exploration, especially when the pace picks up a bit. The duo of Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin (who also toils in Toronto's Do Make Say Think) wrap string atmospheres and gentle beats in a bath of hissing noise and let their inklings and impulses drift for six or seven minutes. While Anthems is packed with meandering, jittery post-rock anthems, "Ruined In 84" proves that K.C. Accidental can get down to business in a short two minutes; jam packed with interesting sounds, melody and a brisk pace, it's the best song here. When their editing skills match their explorative tendencies, watch out. (Noise Factory)