Kazzer Broke

At first glance, it looks like Kazzer is already out of ideas for record number two. First there’s the issue of the title (suspiciously similar to that of his 2002 debut, Go For Broke), and then there’s the fact that the auto-racing-as-life-metaphor of leadoff track "Fueled By Adrenaline” has already been done to death… by him (Go For’s near-ubiquitous single "Pedal to the Metal”). But there’s a certain comfort in familiarity, and while Kazzer’s hyper speed rhyming and semi-tough rap-rock take precious few risks, he rarely embarrasses himself either. Guitars roar in the right places, the production is clean and professional and Kazzer’s straightforward ragga-tinged raps are achingly competent. But the real problem here is that now, just three years removed from his brush with fame, Kazzer’s shtick already sounds dated, stale and tame. There’s no real menace in his lyrics, the guitar sounds are monochromatic and what was probably at one point a pummelling back end has been all but washed out of the mix. "I’m ordinary, not invincible” he sings on first single "Ordinary.” Well, at least he’s honest. (Linus)