Burn It!

BY Erica LeducPublished May 1, 2005

The new EP from Katray features three distinct songs that both add to and separate from the songs of their previous release. Their music has so much sound for only two musicians, and both of them seem to be working on different levels. The songs sound like two separate songs coming together. Mixing strained vocals with light airy music adds more tension than if there was more of a flow to them. The second track "Let’s Get Stoned” is extremely slow and atmospheric; it could almost give the listener the feeling of being stoned, in a nice legal way. The repetition is paired with a slowness making it very soothing and more effective than any of children’s lullabies taking you to that special place. The album closer "Road to Halifax” is one of the most haunting songs that have been released in a while. So much anguish seeps out of lead vocalist Ray’s voice and a few simple chords. When backup vocalist Kathryn's warbling vocals emerge, they just cut into you.

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