Kathryn Calder "Take a Little Time" (video)

Kathryn Calder 'Take a Little Time' (video)
Inspiration strikes at the weirdest of times, like after you've just escaped from a monster squad of dragons, floating eyeballs and skateboarding lizard chickens. At least, that's the lesson we're pulling out of Kathryn Calder's vividly animated new video for her upcoming self-titled LP's "Take a Little Time."

Illustrated by Gareth Gaudin and animated by Denver Jackson, the video hints at Calder having some writer's block, and shows her getting consumed by all sorts of nasty distractions. These include UFOs, paranormal floaters, a scowling grilled cheese sandwich and more, and the lot of them spend a good chunk of the clip chasing the singer-songwriter through an animated landscape of the mind. If you "Take a Little Time" to give the video a peep, you'll discover how she gets back on the right track.

File Under: Music will issue Kathryn Calder on April 14. Calder will be on tour ahead of time, and you can check out her spring schedule below.

Tour dates:

03/19 Victoria, BC - Sugar
03/20 Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre
04/16 Victoria, BC - Copper Owl
04/18 Vancouver, BC - Media Club
04/26 Seattle, WA - Columbia City Theatre
04/27 Portland, OR - Alberta Rose Theatre
04/29 San Francisco, CA - Hotel Utah
04/30 San Diego, CA - Casbah
05/01 Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy