Katerina Just When You Thought It Was Over

Katerina Just When You Thought It Was Over
Bulgarian DJ and electronic music producer Katerina calls Helsinki home now. No surprise, then, that her debut EP draws on a uniquely European mix of throwback experimentation and modern-day polish.
Just When You Thought It Was Over is not an IDM offering, but it is a reflection of someone who understands the value of a sharp edge when applied to electronic music. The EP's most obvious balance of old and new — or, more precisely, hard and soft — is "Muthafukka."
The expletive is looped like a sample and featured prominently on almost the entire track. It's an idea straight out of Steve Reich's Early Works. (Aspiring producers, please refer to "Come Out" for a handy blueprint.) By balancing that sample against bright electronics and a soft vocal track, Katerina delivers a well-rounded number that is a little bit shocking, but mostly quite pleasant. Its #MeToo relevance speaks for itself.
The five-track EP opens with "Solitude Survivor." You can practically taste the old-school industrial elements, yet it's all so updated that the references may well go unnoticed. It's a nice mid-tempo instrumental that lovers of sad dance music will eat up.
"Be A Child" is another highlight, offering up the EP's most memorable synth line — an optimistic, fresh piece of writing Vince Clarke would be proud to call his own.
Just When You Thought it Was Over is a fine first effort. Given her penchant for extended DJ sets, it's safe to assume Katerina is only getting started. (Comeme)