Kasper Bjørke In Gumbo

Danish producer/DJ Kasper Bjørke, better known for his role in electro outfit Filur, moves into completely new territory with the release of his debut solo effort, In Gumbo. Bjørke moves away from the electro pop motif of his former band and opts instead for grittier, hard-hitting electronic. Dirty synth and a heavy beat are prominent on the album, giving way to electric guitars and plodding bass. Bjørke recruits help from the likes of FM Belfast and the Pierces, while the album boasts more than a few notable tracks. "Igo Ugo” has a stellar build-up before sliding into a synth-induced frenzy, which is woven into a multitude of layers and carried by a solid backbeat. "Liquid Propagnosia” delivers a killer bass line reminiscent of early LCD Soundsystem, featuring Dennis Young of former Liquid Liquid fame. In Gumbo is definitely a distinct and different sound from Kasper Bjørke. (Plant)