Kaskade/Various San Francisco Sessions: V4 (Soundtrack to the Soul)

Kaskade is hitting us back with a follow-up mix CD to his 2002 Sounds of OM 3 release and thankfully it’s a step further in his advancement as a DJ/producer for OM Records, the saviour of the San Francisco house sound. Those familiar with the likes of Derrick Carter and Mark Farina will feel this compilation set. While it leans more on the techno house side of things, there’s nothing like a sustainable steady flow mixed to beat-driven, lyrically titillating tracks to keep you in a groove. Non-stop sets can often be a little monotonous at times but this release is above all that. Kaskade really has the knack of compilation sets down as the transitions on this album are so effortlessly smooth that you hardly even notice the change until they’ve already occurred. I just love that! This is the sort of CD you feel it necessary to take note of each track title and run out and grab the LP release for your own DJing prowess. You’ll want to look out for future releases from this up and comin’ house man, no doubt. (Om)