Karl Larsson Pale as Milk

Karl Larsson’s solo effort shines with smart hooks and gentle melodies. Stepping away from the perfectionism that is often sought with his band Last Days of April, Larsson pared down production for Pale as Milk so that the spontaneity of the record would be captured. Akin to counterpart Sondre Lerche in that the songwriting carries an almost naïve honesty while acting out on pop melodies, this full-length is full of warm sounds and sparkling character. The final touches on the album were done by Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Hives, Sahara Hotnights) and the final product is an expressive full-length. Opener "(I Wanna Know) All You Know” sets the pace with its jangling harmonies and well-placed lyrics, while "Devil’s Strings” and "Found Half, Lost All” are dramatic and insightful pieces that are as compelling as they are catchy. Larsson’s laidback approach on Pale as Milk seems to come through each song, as there is an organic and impromptu feel throughout the album. (Bad Taste)