Karen O and Danger Mouse Tease Collaborative Album with 9-Minute Track "Lux Prima"

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Nov 16, 2018

Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O and super-producer Danger Mouse have revealed plans for a collaborative record.
"After making music for the past 20 years and embarking on making this record with Danger Mouse I knew a couple things," Karen O said in a statement. "One was that the spirit of collaboration between us was going to be a pure one, and two was that the more I live the less is clear to me. When you create from a blurry place you can go places further than you've ever been. I think we both were excited to go far out."
A limited-edition white vinyl 12-inch from the pair will arrive at select record stores on December 14, and while full details of the project have yet to be revealed, the new duo have unveiled a single.
The song is called "Lux Prima," and it clocks in at just over nine minutes.
"With 'Lux Prima,' we were really looking for a place rather than a sound," Danger Mouse added. "It was our first shared destination so we thought we'd take our time getting there. The song itself is a bit of a journey, but all the parts felt like they needed each other."
Stream it below.

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