Karen O "Obsession" ('Flesh and Bone' opening sequence)

Karen O 'Obsession' ('Flesh and Bone' opening sequence)
One's art can be the source of obsession, or at least that's what we're drawing from the Karen O-assisted title sequence to forthcoming Starz drama Flesh and Bone. The ballet-themed show doesn't premiere until November 8, but its being teased via opening credits featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer tackling an on-the-nose cover of '80s unit Animotion's "Obsession."

"There's no balance," she sings on the redo, a finely juxtaposed line against visuals of the crafting of ballet slippers and one dancer's perfect form plie. It's an unsettling mix, which goes on to hint at the show's themes of talent, competition, and, you guessed it, obsession.

You'll find the opening sequence down below, courtesy of Vanity Fair.