#WizWearsCoolPants: Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa Get Into Public Twitter Spat

#WizWearsCoolPants: Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa Get Into Public Twitter Spat
Friends, it's time to pop some popcorn and get comfortable in front of your computer: We've got the first big-time rap beef of 2016. It turns out that Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa are having some issues online.

Last night (January 26), Kanye revealed that he'd once again changed the name of his long-awaited new album. The release formerly known as So Help Me God and SWISH has now been dubbed Waves, and Khalifa took issue with that on Twitter, understanding Kanye's title as a take on Max B's iconic wavy sound:

Perhaps feeling the heat, Kanye responded to the claims:

Khalifa responded to that one with a "Yea aight" before tweeting a weed reference:

Kanye took the "kk" abbreviation as a diss against his wife Kim Kardashian, which then inspired Kanye to go in on a little rant of his own:

Kanye kept it going with plenty of other tweets and, unfortunately, dragged Amber Rose into the situation:
 Calming down a little, Kanye added that he loves Wiz as a person (?!?) in some more tweets:

UPDATE (01/27, 4 p.m.): Now Amber Rose has weighed in with a particularly crass tweet.

UPDATE (01/28, 9 a.m.): West appears to have deleted his amazing 17-part rant, half-apologizing to Khalifa for making him lose two million followers, and recognizing that his wife isn't the "KK" in the universe.