Kanye West "Black Skinhead" / "New Slaves" (live on 'SNL')

Kanye West 'Black Skinhead' / 'New Slaves' (live on 'SNL')
We're just one official announcement away from the news that Kanye West is probably releasing a new album called Yeezus on June 18. Now, we get to hear two new songs via performances on the season finale of Saturday Night Live.

"Black Skinhead" sees Kanye embracing his best Death Grips impression, offering up an aggressive anthem that probably includes the primal screams we hear on the new album. "New Slaves" is a song we've already heard, though it sounded much more full when not being projected on some wall somewhere.

Visually, the set was dark and minimal, with a spotlight on Kanye as he performed. In the background, punk-indebted typography flashed on the screen.

Check out both performances below.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the videos below are no longer available. If you are in the U.S., you can catch a replay of Kanye's performance here; however, the clips are not available in Canada.

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