Kammerflimmer Kollektief Jinx

Even if you’ve never heard the Kammerflimmer Kollektief before, you’ll peg this album as the work of a mature band. It’s entirely unsurprising to learn that the Karlsruhe ensemble is now dropping their sixth album — the sense of collectivity comes easily and goes down smooth. Without the giveaway name, one’s first instinct would be that this is a band out of the Midwest because of the sheen of country/folk influences. Lurking beneath this placid flow is a heavy dose of found sounds and heavily processed DIY noise. The album’s opener, "Palimpset,” with its twang-y slide guitars and clip clopping rhythms, exemplifies the approach. "Jinx” follows up with warble-y vocal improvs over a tension filled lope. Any sense of accelerating dread is undone by the soothing piano chords of "Live At The Cactus Tree Motel,” featuring Martin Siewert’s dexterity on pedal steel. The improvised aspects of this band are subtle but are very engaging on repeat listens of tracks like "Both Eyes Wide Shut.” The collective listening is so careful that the calm to this disc seems almost foreboding, yet there is never a catharsis. The album closes with the laconic "Subnarkotisch,” which will be a drone-y late night classic for years to come. (Staubgold) (Staubgold)