Kamikazes Time For Rock 'N' Roll

You sure don't see a lot of garage punk singles pressed on thick audiophile-quality vinyl these days, but somebody broke the bank to give this four-song slab of Devil Dogs/Teenage Head-style rock the treatment usually reserved for classical music albums. This is the follow up to this Montreal foursome's "All Night Cram Session" single and, for the most part, it's a continuation of their dual guitar, tasty punk rock and roll sound. Unfortunately, side B of the single starts with the ballad "I Wanna Be A With You," which falls well below the quality control standards these guys have set for themselves. It's a classic, teeny-bopper styled piece of drivel that makes the average Archies song sound tough. It's cool they were trying to do something a little different, but it's safe to say the experiment was a failure. (Alien Snatch)