Kamau "Somebody (I Am)"

Kamau 'Somebody (I Am)'
Ian Kamau's voice is one that demands to be heard. In fact, if you've paid attention to Canadian hip-hop over the past few years you may have heard it without even realizing it. Credited as Kamau, he appeared on K-os' first three albums, delivering thought-provoking and poetic interludes.

Back from an extended hiatus from the music scene because of his dedication to community work both in Toronto and abroad, Kamau continued his re-emergence with the release of the September Nine Mixtape Vol. 2 on, you guessed it, September 9, his 30th birthday.

The mixtape finds Kamau applying his commanding cerebral and spiritual style to internal and external affairs alike and popular instrumentals with a flow that confirms his background as a spoken word performer. Cannily, he mixes his content with instrumental tracks from J. Dilla, Jay-Z, Drake, Kid Cudi and the aforementioned K-os.

"Somebody (I Am)" is one of the more introspective tracks on the tape, distilling Ian Kamau's appeal and outlook over a sparsely futuristic beat, allowing his oral dexterity to flourish. A good introduction, if you just so happen to not have heard his voice yet.

Download Kamau's "Somebody (I Am)" here.

Download Ian Kamau's September Nine Mixtape Vol. 2 here.