Flying Lotus Collaborator Kamasi Washington Readies 'The Epic' for Brainfeeder

Flying Lotus Collaborator Kamasi Washington Readies 'The Epic' for Brainfeeder
Though you may not know him by name, you've likely heard the work of Los Angeles jazz performer Kamasi Washington. The performer has appeared on the last two records from Flying Lotus, and he'll now release his proper debut via FlyLo's Brainfeeder imprint.

The release is called The Epic, and while that word is often overused in this day and age, it truly applies here. The triple album runs for over three hours, and features a 20-person choir, a 32-person orchestra and work from Washington's 10-person backing band the Next Step/the West Coast Get Down.

"He just plays the craziest shit, man. I mean, everything — the past, present, the future," FlyLo said of Washington in a press release. "It's hard to find unique voices in this music. Especially in jazz, more so lately, everybody is trying to do the same shit. I don't want to hear 'My Favorite Things' anymore… What I am hearing is a leader among artists."

The Epic will arrive on May 5. To prepare yourself, whet your appetite with the 14-minute track "Re Run Home" below.

The Epic Vol.1: The Plan:

1. Change of the Guard
2. Askim
3. Isabelle
4. Final Thought
5. The Next Step
6. The Rhythm Changes

The Epic Vol.2: The Glorious Tale:

1. Miss Understanding
2. Leroy and Lanisha
3. Re Run
4. Seven Prayers
5. Henrietta Our Hero
6. The Magnificent 7

The Epic Vol.3: The Historic Repetition:

1. Re Run Home
2. Cherokee
3. Clair de Lune
4. Malcolm's Theme
5. The Message