K. Leimer Mitteltöner

K. Leimer Mitteltöner
Having been active since the 1970s in both the new age and American avant-garde circles, Kerry Leimer is an incredibly prolific artist, both under his given name and, to a lesser extent, as Savant. The RVNG Intl. label's two archival releases only hint at the iceberg of a catalogue that Leimer has amassed, most of which has been released on the musician's own Palace of Lights imprint.
Mitteltöner, Leimer's first vinyl outing in 25 years, is both a nod to the legendary Teutonic kosmische of Cluster, Neu! and Harmonia, and to the ethos that the midrange contains a large wealth of the sonic information presented in a piece of music. The album is a unique blend of some of the musician's most serene output, a tinge of motorik rhythmic interplay, and the somewhat atonal artifice of the avant-garde.
Leadoff track "Dunne Luft" is a prime example of the many facets at play. A propulsive rhythm is played against a delicately plucked guitar and swathes of distorted synth. A delicate drone ties all the pieces together as this stunning piece of what is now called post-rock stomps its way to a soft landing.
Artistic longevity is no mean feat, but with releases like Mitteltöner, Kerry Leimer continues to prove he has both the skill and the creativity to transcend his own oeuvre. (Origin Peoples)