Justin Timberlake Acknowledges His "Slightly Regrettable" Beatboxing While *NSYNC Eat Spicy Wings

"We sucked at singing certain things," admitted Chris Kirkpatrick

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 22, 2023

*NSYNC are back, and now they've taken part in a key ritual of any reunion tour: melted their faces off with progressively spicier chicken wings on the webseries Hot Ones.

Over the course of 10 wings with host Sean Evans, the boys reflected on their career as boyband icons, and were surprisingly self-aware and self-deprecating about some of their shortcomings. When Evans brought up Justin Timberlake's in-concert beatbox battles with the drummer, Timberlake was visibly embarrassed and said, "Slightly regrettable."

Even Lance Bass saying that the beatboxing was "iconic" wasn't enough to assuage Timberlake's insecurity, and he reiterated, "We can file that under 'slightly regrettable.'"

Chris Kirkpatrick also had some self-effacing things to say about *NSYNC. When asked about the vocal ranges that go into making a great boyband sound, Kirkpatrick responded, "One Direction's an amazing band, but you have five guys that are amazing singers and great soloists, so when they come out and do songs, you fight over 'Where's this going to be?' We kinda knew we sucked at singing certain things, so we fell into our spots, and we knew our place. I knew I'd be the high stuff, these guys [Timberlake and JC Chasez] would do the leads, Joey [Fatone] would be in the middle and Lance would be on the bass. It was a lot easier because we started with a sound rather than five amazing vocalists. Not to say we're not — but I just did."

Watch *NSYNC take on the wings of death below.

Speaking of "slightly regrettable" moments in Timberlake's career, his noir thriller Reptile arrives in theatres today before landing on Netflix next week.

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