Justin Martin / Various Chaos Restored 2

Chaos Restored 2, the follow-up DJ mix to the awesomely innovative Chaos Restored, lives up to our animated expectations and more. Like its predecessor, the sequel uses tracks by Justin Martin, though this one features a greater number of his remixes (including a thoughtful take on "Mushrooms” by Marshall Jefferson and Noosa Heads). This CD has a deep tribal element woven throughout similar to Jeno and Garth. Justin’s jumpy electronica remix of "Nude” by Radiohead is affecting and illuminating. The fairy-like flute intro alone creates feelings of beauty strong enough to make you well up. There’s a valued inclusion of the nature-loving "Kodo Verano” by the Per Eckbo Orchestra. This record pays homage to the DJs that select music to suit a particular personality and style, just like back in the day, embracing the character in the records. (Buzzin' Fly)