Justin Clayton Limb

Justin Clayton’s claim to fame is being a one-time member of Julian Lennon’s band, but this Liverpool native has forged ahead and Limb showcases Clayton’s excellent grasp of a delicate melody, and his delivery of the album’s 11 guitar pop cuts shows an uncanny level of talent for such a newcomer. Recorded at an isolated studio in Galve, Sweden, with Church producer Marty Willson-Piper, the album wafts between radio-friendly tracks like “Tragic” and more melancholic drifters like “You Sink Me” and “Slide.” Fans of Scottish band Travis will think they have found a doppelganger in Clayton whose voice and songwriting style are almost an exact replica — and that’s a good thing. Regardless of eerie sonic connections with said Scots, this debut effort is worth a listen from start to finish. (Ultimatum)