Juno Reactor Labyrinth

Juno Reactor have been around for eight albums. Their latest work is fittingly titled as each track runs in so many directions, by the end it is difficult to remember where the journey started. Despite two tracks being remixes from their contributions to The Matrix films, this is really an astonishing album as opposed to simply being glorified merchandise. World, techno, industrial and classical sounds are just a sample of the sophisticated and diverse elements laid out here. While ominous vocals and acoustical guitar grace the start of the disc in "Conquistador I,” a menacing mix of Gregorian chants, orchestra accompaniments and savage synth beats make up the final track, "Navras.” Everything in between is richly dark, yet equally complex. Labyrinth is not just an album, it is a true work of art. The tracks are deep and absorbing, proving Juno Reactor are not typical in any sense. This is a perfect disc for anyone looking to diversify their dark music collection. (Metropolis)