Junior Blue Junior Blue

These days, it seems the members of Broken Social Scene can do no wrong. Critical darlings actually worthy of the attention they’ve received, it seems everything they touch lately is absolute gold. Junior Blue, the deformed brainchild of BSS’s Justin Peroff and By Divine Right’s Dylan Hudecki, provides even more proof that there’s genius coming from every corner of this tight-knit Toronto collective. Similarly tapping a huge pool of musicians to create one consistent record, Junior Blue get equally great results with far less structure than BSS. The result is a very strange sound document filled with fucked up noises, sneakily produced drum tracks and very little actual songwriting in sight. Exploring every frequency range and combination of tone and pitch they come across, Hudecki and Peroff have orchestrated a wicked sound collage totally devoid of hooks and accessible, repeating parts. This record probably isn’t for everybody but if you like drug records as much as I do, you’ll do your chronic self a favour and save a little bit of your reserve money for this. (Dependent)