Juliette Commagere Queens Die Proudly

These solo songs were written after the artist’s L.A. band, Hello Stranger, finished their tour with Foo Fighters. Queens Die Proudly aims to combine the artist’s classical roots with her love of "Tangerine Dream-esque arpeggiators and synths.” And this she does, though it’s doubtful this will expand her fan base. The vocals are clear and confident in the manner of a stage performer, however some songs suggest a queenly egotism not fully upheld by the music and lyrics. This is music that could appeal to older mothers and Feist fans. The title track pushes some buttons to excite, being somewhat reminiscent of Queen. This artist needs to push the glam rock harder and lose some of those emotional sentiments that come off as shallow, however truly they may be felt. This record is slow and dragging, with lagging moments of excitement. In truth, Juliette Commagere’s vocals have beautiful, unfathomable potential. With solid direction and production (Chemical Brothers anyone?) she could create some amazing moments. (Aeronaut)