Julien Baker "Vessels" on Exclaim! TV

Julien Baker 'Vessels' on Exclaim! TV
At this moment, Tennessee-bred singer-songwriter Julien Baker has the full attention of the indie music scene. Her sophomore record Turn Out the Lights dropped back in October and served as an incredible expansion of the vulnerable, barebones stylings first explored on her debut Sprained Ankle.
When Baker joined Exclaim! TV for a live session last spring, we were enamoured by the raw talent and depth of her artistry. During her soundcheck at the Drake Hotel, she treated us to Sprained Ankle's "Rejoice" and the record's title track.

In addition to those songs, we've unearthed another cut from the performance that has yet to see the light of day — until now. "Vessels" is also taken from Baker's acclaimed debut record and packs as much of an emotional punch as her previous Exclaim! TV session. The gentle plucking of Baker's guitar strings perfectly complements her swelling, heart-wrenching vocals as she croons "So much I think, what little I know."
Check out the intimate performance of "Vessels" in the player below, alongside the other two songs.