The Julie Ruin "Goodnight, Goodbye" (video)

The Julie Ruin 'Goodnight, Goodbye' (video)
A visit to Kathleen Hanna's old hometown of Olympia, WA, is preserved in the latest video behind the Julie Ruin's Run Fast LP, pairing grainy Super 8 footage with the past-exploring lyrics of "Goodnight, Goodbye."

The video compiles footage shot last November during the band's North American tour, and features the band dancing it out onstage in some scenes, while having a munch at a local restaurant or cruising through the streets in others. The scratched-up, vintage feel of the footage synchs up nicely with Hanna's lines reminiscing about the tour life ("Drove all night through the dirty melted snow / Didn't care if we ever got played on the radio").

You can check out the video down below.

As previously reported, Hanna will act as a guest curator at this year's Sled Island, though her picks for the Calgary fest have yet to be revealed. The event runs June 18 to 22.