The Julie Ruin "Girls Like Us" (Vag Vocal Version) (ft. Vaginal Creme Davis)

The Julie Ruin 'Girls Like Us' (Vag Vocal Version) (ft. Vaginal Creme Davis)
As previously reported, Kathleen Hanna resurrected her Julie Ruin solo project as a full-bodied combo and began working on an upcoming full-length. A new song called "Girls Like Us" has now popped up, but it's unclear whether it will be on the new album.

Dubbed the "Vag Vocal Version," the track features lead vocals from queercore performance artist Vaginal Creme Davis, who does some sassy sing-speak atop a slinky synth-disco groove.

While you can download the song now for free over here at The Rumpus [via Pitchfork], it will also be available in physical form on a CD featuring other tunes from Scott McCloud of Girls Against Boys, Rick Moody, Thunderegg, Dynasty Handbag, and more that accompanies T. Cooper's new book Real Man Adventures. The book/CD package will be available on a U.S. book tour.

It's as yet unknown exactly when Julie Ruin's James Murphy-assisted sophomore LP will hit retailers, though 20 songs were recorded at Manhattan's Oscilloscope Studios, and the band hinted at a spring 2013 release.