Julie Doiron & Nancy Pants

'Greville Tapes, Vol. 2' (EP stream)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 4, 2016

Port Greville, NS recording facility the Quarantine semi-recently begun plotting out a series of in-studio collaborations with Canadian musicians under the banner of the Greville Tapes Music Club. The second volume has just landed, and it pairs the legendary Julie Doiron with Montreal unit Nancy Pants.

The mission statement makes mention that the club comprises "one amazing space, two artists, and three days to come together to make some magic." In a sequentially sound turn of events, this latest entry offers four new tunes.

Doiron's "Good Reason" is a lightly strummed piece of home-seeking folk-pop, while "Thought of You" pairs the songwriter's instantly familiar vocals with a driving tom-tom bounce, a gurgle of distortion, and a series of hand-claps.

Nancy Pants keep things jittery with their "w.o.r.l.d." but the collection closes off on a relatively quieter note.

You'll find all of the music down below, while Doiron and Nancy Pants play Toronto' Dance Cave tonight (February 4) as well.

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