Julianna Barwick "Same" (video)

Julianna Barwick 'Same' (video)
Coming off of the recent release of her Will, ambient auteur Julianna Barwick has now grafted some beautiful yet unsettling images to the record's "Same."

The music video, directed by visual collaborator Zia Anger, juxtaposes the floating, trance-inducing sounds of "Same" against a perilous moment for a woman apparently caught up in a mystical windstorm. The video goes on to explore the relationship between her, an athlete and a slightly sinister character.

"We've worked together now three times (two music videos, and one short film) and each time we do, our process becomes more playful, more intuitive, more exciting," Anger said of her relationship with Barwick. "By the time we shot the final scene the entire idea had morphed in to some sort of spirit. The cast and crew were laughing so hard we were crying, it was totally hysterical, one of the purest cinematic moments I have ever experienced both in front of and behind the camera."

You can check out the whimsical video below.