Julianna Barwick "Meet Me at Midnight"

Julianna Barwick 'Meet Me at Midnight'
Julianna Barwick is set to follow last year's Nepenthe with a beer-related EP dubbed Rosabi next month, and you can sample a bit of the sonic brew ahead of the record's official release now via teaser single "Meet You at Midnight."

While heavy on Barwick's familiar and angelic vocal loops, the record is said to feature "the symphony of sounds found in the brewing process" at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. "Meet Me at Midnight" seems to incorporate the former more than the latter, though you can check out the bouquet of textures down below.

Rosabi will be released June 3 through as a 10-inch in a limited pressing of 1,000, and it will be packaged with a six-pack of Barwick's beer of the same name. The 8 percent IPA is said to feature hints of red rice and wasabi. Dead Oceans will also release it digitally.