Mark Lanegan "Judgement Time" / "I Am the Wolf" (live on KEXP 90.3 FM)

Mark Lanegan 'Judgement Time' / 'I Am the Wolf' (live on KEXP 90.3 FM)
Mark Lanegan recently hit the West Coast with Nick Cave for a handful of shows at which he premiered a few new tunes from a forthcoming, as-yet-undetailed LP. The grizzled but graceful vocalist likewise took those tunes to Seattle's KEXP radio station, with video now surfacing of the performances for all to see.

Though Lanegan's lachrymose baritone details the sound of Gabriel's trumpet on "Judgement Time," the song is actually assisted by a spacious but mournful guitar strum. "I Am the Wolf" is a haunting slice of minimalist gloom-blues, with Lanegan seeking shelter, snacking on carcasses, and pondering the legacies of martyrs and kings.

You'll find both clips on their own down below, as well as a full stream of his in-studio set.

Though nothing is official, Lanegan is rumoured to be delivering a 7-inch by the end of the summer, with an album reportedly titled Phantom Radio on the way in October.