Judge What It Meant — Complete Discography

Finally! For the first time available on one format, this is a collection of all the material NYC straight-edge hardcore legends, Judge ever put out. Spanning three EPs, one LP, and an additional previously unreleased track, this sucker's got it all. Twenty-eight tracks here, a few repeats obviously, but it's good to have the different versions. Judge fans will snap this up and for the newer generation of hardcore fans that missed out the first time, this is a great opportunity to old school yourself up on one of the most influential ’80s straight-edge bands. What It Meant even comes with extensive liner notes that shed light on the times, ideals, motivations and the personal demons behind those involved in this crucial outfit. Judge have long been done and dusted, following the dead-end the straight-edge scene met in the late ’80s. But for those who sorely miss hearing aggressive hardcore that bolsters honesty to match, this is for you. (Revelation)