Joshua Radin "Belong" on Exclaim! TV

Joshua Radin 'Belong' on Exclaim! TV
Known primarily for his music work nowadays, Joshua Radin is a man of many talents, having previously been an art teacher, screenwriter, and art gallery employee after studying drawing and painting at Northwestern University. Nearly ten years since his 2006 debut We Were Here, it's safe to say that the Cleveland native has found his true calling in songwriting.

Before a recent tour stop in Toronto, we invited Radin and his band members to the Exclaim! office where they were kind enough to treat us to "Belong," a new cut from Radin's sixth studio full-length Onward and Sideways.

With his smooth voice and strum pattern leading the way, Radin is soon backed by delicate lead guitar accents and three-part vocal harmonies courtesy of his bandmates. It doesn't take long for all three musicians to begin stomping out the song's steady beat and heading into the chorus accompanied by a gently brushed snare drum.

Watch Radin and his band's performance now in the player below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Riley Hunt
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan

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